dean hehehehe

Hello! I am Dean, I am an artist living in Cassopolis, Michigan and going to Ross Beatty high school and Van Buren tech center. I like to play video games, watch movies and make art. I am inspired by artists like Hirohiko Araki and Bryan Lee O' Malley

My logo was designed with the intention of looking stylish yet fancy. This was solved by using space as theme because I could use stars which many people associate with style. Alternatively people also think of space as very pretty and fancy. Because of these two aspects connecting back to space it was an easy pick.

My creative assignments were all created with the intention of doing unique ideas with the subject matter I was presented with. For all of these I simply used your basic pen, pencil and marker to create these pieces, I hope many people will be able to appreciate the simplicity of the materials in my attempt to create some of the more elaborate pieces in this gallery.


Created with an image by Couleur - "frog frog prince prince"