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Mr. Melonhead Assignment

Renaissance Portrait Assignment

Renaissance photo research

Selected renaissance photo

Selected Portrait

Final renaissance portrait



For this renaissance portrait assignment, this acted like an introductory to Photoshop in this course. Drawing inspiration from the melon head assignment and surreal landscapes, we were challenged to make ourselves incorporated into a renaissance portrait painting. While I was doing my process work, I was most inspired by the endless possibilities that one can do with the power of illustrator and Photoshop combined. Being able to seemingly replace my face onto a painting over a thousand years is a quite fascinating concept. The most difficult part of this assignment is most likely learning how to use Photoshop properly. I can not say I’m a pro at using it, but taking the time to understand the use of each tool, how you can take a pen tool and fabricate over your work, were lessons and time well spent. The coolest part for me during this process was most likely seeing my work start from something dull, to something vibrant with a few mouse clicks. I realized how fascinating, an advanced these editing programs are. This assignment taught me how to look outside the box, and stray from tunnel vision ideas. If you are not happy with what things look like or what information you have gathered, take the effort to supplement or even be open to subject you ideas to make anything you do in life better, and more productive.

Surreal Self-Portrait


Original Portrait






For this surreal self-portrait assignment, we drew inspiration from artists such as Salvador Dali, using his creative mindsets and work to create out own surreal portraits. While doing my process work, I was inspired by many works of surreal photos. It is quite fascinating knowing what the works of illustrator and Photoshop can do with a simple photo. Taking inspiration from a few photo’s Ms. Yamashita used I started brainstorming for my piece. Using a photo taken of me by a fellow student in our class during our session with Steve Carty, I started thinking of what I could do. I loved the photo of me where I am in almost a wilting position with my hair down crouching over. Suddenly it hit me where I was going to make someone control me as if I was a puppet of some sort. At the time when I decided my piece was going to be made I was going through a rough phase where I felt like I always go out of my way for people, helping them, forgetting about myself, and my well being. So there was relevance as to why I made my surreal portrait of someone controlling me because at the time I felt like I had lost touch with myself. The hardest part for me was most likely choosing my base portrait. I had many shots of myself that all had potential within this project, but it was hard for me to choose one that I could relate the meaning I had behind this project. The coolest part of this process for me was most likely was seeing my end product and having my vision come alive. I think what I overall learnt from this is being able to express myself through my own work. Not only can I apply this aspect to my future works, but I have also learnt a new way to speak through another art form.

Traditional Photo Portraits



Knowing my model, Ryan Stockton personally helped me decide how I was going to shoot these portraits. Him having such a bright bubbly personality and edgy look, I decided to light him from the side and the front. I decided to shoot with lighting on the side to showcase how Ryan is completely different than how he looks, showcasing how his true personality is hidden. Having another 'side' of him per say. and then I decided to shoot him from the front because getting to know Ryan's true self is an absolute pleasure. He always seems to brighten my day, so it was only fair for me to take pictures of him that reflects how he impacts my life.

Lessons From Steve

From the short time we shared with Steve he had taught me so much. It started most likely with his passion for what he does. You can tell he loves photography so much and it is really inspiring to learn from someone who shares that kind of passion for their art. When i asked him what was his 'big break' he answered that he didn't owe his big break from anyone, or any job. How he got to where he is today was because of himself, and his hard work and dedication for his art form. It made me realize that hard work and diligence is the one true way to be successful in life.

For the Future

For future references when dealing with photography, or anything I pursue in life, I have to put my whole heart into it. Not only do I have to respect what I do, but I have to have the desire to learn more about it constantly as well. Going into anything with an open mind is also helpful, subject yourself to change, and put 100% of your effort in the things you love.

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