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Week of Oct. 17, 2021

Welcome to AG Flash News! This is your weekly E-news source for upcoming events at Amazing Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Granite Falls, North Carolina. Brief articles for Friday distribution through AG Flash News are due by Tuesday mornings at 10 AM. Send all article requests to pastorfrankaglc@gmail.com.

As called and sent witnesses to the gospel of Jesus Christ please forward this E-news announcement to all of your friends, family and contacts inviting them to join us either in person or online.

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THIS WEEK: Haggai 2:10-23

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Covid19 vaccine booster shots are now available at local pharmacies. Most health care plans cover the entire cost of the vaccine. Check with your doctor to see if you are eligible for the vaccine or booster. Wear a Mask - Wash Your Hands - Social Distance - Get Vaccinated!

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On Sunday, October 10th, the congregation received the ballots for the 2022 budget during Commitment Sunday services. The congregation has voted to accept the 2022 budget as distributed through the mail and in person. Thank you to all who participated in this year's budget planning and commitment.



Wayne Fairchild and Bobby Lail

At the October Church Council meeting, the following building maintenance role assignments were shared for the care of our physical property. Wayne Fairchild has been assigned responsibility as Outdoor Property Steward and will be responsible for managing the care of all external property matters. Bobby Lail has been assigned responsibility as Indoor Property Steward and will be responsible for managing the care of all interior property matters. If you see property matters that need attention see either of these dedicated property stewards. Thank you Wayne and Bobby for your service in care of our property.



Lay readers are needed for Sunday and online scripture reading. The AG Worship team is seeking to expand its team to provide more variety in people reading scripture each week. No previous experience is required and the AG Worship team will train you. If you are interested in volunteering for this important ministry, please contact Paula Laxton or Peggy Poe.

If you wish to have a name added to Friday's prayer list, please send an email to pastorfrankaglc@gmail.com by Tuesday mornings at 10 AM.

PRAYERS REQUESTED FOR OUR MEMBERS: Jerry Watson, Kelly Davis, Peggy Poe, John Franckhauser, Tara Franckhauser, Cliff and Ruby Hefner, Ann Poovey, Audrey Haas, Sarah Wallace, Florence Lowman, Judy Lail, Gary Laxton, Merrie Bisanar, Judith Bolick, Ella Franckhauser, Glenn Barger, Tony Haas, Rachel Price, and Kathy Merrill.

SPECIAL PRAYER REQUESTS: Melton and Alice Hope, The family of Ann Cannon, the family of Whitney Murphy, Jim Sullivan, the family of Pat Haas, Cliff Hefner's sisters' family, Beverly Mullen, Brian Lester, Carolyn Watson's friend Pat, Ronnie and Connie McNeil, Jane Reid, Neil Barker and family, Dorman Winkler, Steve Lail, Sonya Johnson, Betty Nivens, Jim and Jean Teague.

Ann Cannon Funeral

Sunday October 17th at 3 PM

Ann Cannon, the sister of Jerry Watson entered the Church Triumphant quietly in her sleep last week. Pastor Frank will officiate at Ann's funeral. Visitation will be this Sunday, Oct. 17th at 2 PM at Mackie Funeral Home, Granite Falls, NC. The funeral will follow immediately afterward at 3 PM. Please keep Jerry's family in your prayers.

Pastor CeCee Mills


Assistant Director of Evangelical Mission

Pastor CeCee Mills will be with us for in person and online Sunday services on October 24th. Pastor Mills is the Assistant Director of Evangelical Mission of the North Carolina Synod - ELCA. Plan to join us to hear Pastor Mill's inspiring message.

"I'm a Lutheran"

Meet Carl Florea

Living Lutheran is the magazine of faith and life of this church. This week's article focuses on Carl Florea, a Lutheran from Leavenworth, WA. Click here! to read.

A Veterans Support Event In Cooperation with CCCTI and NCWorks

Foothills Veterans Stand Down

November 10th - 8 AM until 2 PM

Personal Care Kits Requested!


The Foothills Veterans Stand Down is a one day event during which CCCTI/NCWorks staff and community volunteers provide food, clothing and health screenings to homeless and at-risk veterans.

Amazing Grace has been given the honor of participating in this year's Foothills Veterans Stand Down. Pastor Frank will be the event Chaplain and offer prayers at the event opening ceremony. We will host a vendor booth that will allow us to interact with local veterans and their families, share personal care kits along with Amazing Grace prayer support. Amazing Grace volunteers are needed. See Pastor Frank to volunteer to work the booth at the event.

Purchase a $20 Vet Kit Ticket from Peggy Poe and a Council Member Will Create a Kit for You or Create Your Own! Kit Requirements Listed Below:

Personal Care Kit Requirements

The following items are needed for the personal care kits: 1) vinyl travel bag; 2) toothbrush; 3) travel tooth paste; 4) men's travel comb; 5) travel bar soap; 6) small travel towel; 7) a plastic razor; 8) travel shave cream; 9) travel Neosporin tube; 10) travel hand sanitizer


"You are worthy of being chosen, fought for, and loved." - Mark Groves


"Who You Say I Am" - Hillsong


No AG Flash News Next Week!

There will be no AG Flash News for the week of October 24th. The weekly e-news will return on October 28th. We hope you appreciate this weekly newsletter and join us frequently for worship and activities.

See You at Church!

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