Tattoos on the Heart Project By: Allison Schlautman

Preface and Introduction: A theme I noticed was change. It is never to late to change. A story I enjoyed in this chapter was Luis's. He showed that you can turn your life around. He showed me that even if you go through a really rough patch you can get out of it and be a better person.
Chapter 1 God, I Guess: The theme I noticed was comfort. We all need to feel comforted and loved. The story I enjoyed in this chapter was Bobs story. Bob took care of his father and read him stories every night. I feel like we all just think that our parents will take care of us but who will take care of them and comfort them. Bob showed us that we can take care of our parents and nothing is wrong with that.
Chapter 2 Dis-Grace: The theme I noticed in this chapter was forgiveness. We all will do wrong but God will always forgive us. My favorite story in this chapter was Carmens story. Her story showed me it's easy to get on a bad path but you can always get back on the right one. Their will always be someone there to help you.
Chapter 3 Compassion: A message I got in this chapter was to live in the present. We never know if there is going to be a tomorrow. A sad story in this chapter was the story where Betito died. He was only twelve and still had his whole life ahead of him. His story showed me though that we have to live everyday to the fullest.
Chapter 4 Water, Oil, Flame: A theme I noticed was family. A family can be made up of anyone not just relatives. A family could be your friends, coworkers, or a faith group. I liked Miguel's story in this chapter. Miguel and 6 other kids were happy to just be eating a turkey for Christmas. This shows me that I don't need much to be happy. The small things can make a person happy.
Chapter 5 Slow Work: The theme of slow work is telling us to be patience. We need to live in the moment and be patient about the future. Joey's story was my favorite in this chapter. His story showed me that if we are patient good things will come our way. The hard work and waiting will be worth it in the long run.
Chapter 6 Jurisdiction: The theme jurisdiction shows me that every choice and decision we make matters. A story that was hard to read was Travieso's story. His story showed me though that the grudges we hold aren't worth it. It showed me even though we might not always like the people in our life we need to be grateful for them because we will miss them someday. Life is to short to have enemies.
Chapter 7 Gladness: The theme gladness means to me to be happy for what god gave me. Everything god gave you is a blessing so be thankful for it. I thought a funny story in this chapter was Frankie's. He took joy and happiness in the little things. His conversation with G showed me all we need to be happy is God. This chapter helped me learn that I need to be more thankful for all god has given me and be thankful that he is in my life.
Chapter 8 success: To me the theme of success means being happy with what you have accomplished. It doensnt matter what other people think if you are happy about your success that's all that matters. In this chapter a sad story was Manny's. His story was hard to read because he finally got to a good spot in his life and he was going to be a father. This story was the hardest story for me to read because we will never get to enjoy being a father or enjoy going to college.
Chapter 9 Kinship: The theme of kinship to me means to always be there for others. In this chapter my favorite story was Lenchos. He made bad choices when he was windy but he wanted to chmage. This showed me that we can always become a better person. It is never to late to change your life around for the better.

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