My favorite Saint By: Isabella Sweeney

St. Margaret of Cortona

I choose this saint because I have a single mother and she works hard and gets everything done to the best of her ability and I love her.

A church in Cortona Italy.
Birth and Death:

Born in 1247 in Tuscany, Italy.

Died February 22 1297 in Cortona, Italy.


She was canonized on May 16, 1728.

  • Temptations
  • Falsely accused
  • Homeless people
  • Mentally ill
  • Midwives
  • Penitent women
  • Single mothers
  • Single laywomen
  • Reformed prostitutes
  • People ridicule for their piety
Day Celebrated in church:

February 22 (which is also my birthday)

The hospital she founded.
Fun Facts:
  • Her mother died when she was 7.
  • She was rejected by her stepmother.
  • She eloped.
  • She had a son.
  • Her lover died leaving her to be a single mother.
  • She tried to mutilate her face.
  • She founded a hospital.
  • She had a congregation named " The Poverelle" which mean "Poor Ones."
  • She performed acts of penance for 29 years.
My Prayer:

Dear St. Margaret,

Please help guide my mother and my family through this rough time. Help us to show compassion and love towards each other. Guide us to not fall into temptations.



I have neither given nor recieved any unauthorized help on this work.

Isabella sweeney

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