Value, Emphasis, Unity Faith Brurilly

Colorful Rain

My artwork is of a girl holding an umbrella in colorful rain. The title of my artwork is Colorful rain. The elements and principles I used were value, emphasis, and unity. I created my artwork by first drawing the girl. Then, i covered the girl up with a paper towel and placed colorful tissue paper at the top of the paper. Then, you use a paint brush and put water on the tissue paper and then take off the tissue paper and let it dry. Sophia inspired my work because she was always so fun and bright. it expresses sadness yet happiness at the same time because I miss her a lot but when I think of her I think of the happy times I had with her. My goal as an artist is to create pieces that really speak to people. This piece did help me reach my goal but I think that I could make one that shows deeper emotions. Doing this piece i learned how to make the tissue paper look like actual rain. I believe that my piece is good but it needs some improvements. It will influence my other projects by the emotion put into the piece.

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