Globalization Boosts Economy

Globalization benefits the world because it boosts the economy. If a company expands to more countries other than the one it was born in, it requires them to find workers in other areas around the world or potentially send their workers to other places. When a company is relocating, they need to re-build their organization and find more workers. When this process is done internationally, the amount of new jobs in the world would be astounding. This process gives people the opportunity for jobs such as, labourer workers, more business men and women, dock workers etc. As well as more jobs being provided, more money would be provided to those companies. If more money is flowing to the company, they are able to improve their product and re-launch. If a product is able to expand and improve the workers will have an on going job not having to worry about being laid off. If the money is smoothly coming in, the world economy is put into a rotation of good income and employment.


Companies are able to understand trade and make profits as each country has different markets thus resulting in different campaigns to target the specific market. By having knowledge on what the consumers want in a targeted area companies are able to customize campaigns to allow for the purchase of their product. A targeted campaign allows for a more direct relationship with the consumer as the campaign will feel targeted towards the specific person in the area and make the consumer want the product even more because it appeals to them. When focusing on the maslow hierarchy of needs this concept affects the consumers esteem, if the consumer feels the advertisement is targeted towards them specifically they will be more confident in purchasing the product. The Coca Cola company's sponsor huge events like the Olympics and the Fifa World Cup to target people who support and watch these events and since that is the target market, they are able to customize their advertisements to maximize their profits.

A prime example would be the multiple campaigns Coca Cola has created to gain the interest of people all over the world. The advertisements in the States is significantly different from the European Cola advertisements.




People all over the world have a chance to use and buy products that have been manufactured in other countries. If we did not have globalization we would not have the majority of the material luxuries we have today. Many of our essentials are made in other countries and imported into Canada for our use. We are not able to make all the products we need because we lack the materials and resources needed to create them. This also allows for more profit on the product itself when it is being sold because production costs are cheaper in other countries such as China because labour costs are cheaper. Thus why Apple products are assembled in China where they have more workers working for less money. Another great example of a beneficial international trade would be luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi as they are all German cars, without international trade we would not have such a variety of vehicle choice.


Globalization is seen as bad because jobs are transferred from developed countries to underdeveloped countries. Jobs in more developed countries are easier to find rather than trying to find them in third world countries. Labourer jobs are more popular in less developed countries because less people are educated as a result of not attending school. They are then forced to work in labour jobs to make less money than normal paying jobs. This is giving everyone a chance to find and make money.

Globalization can be seen as bad because most people like to be exclusive with what they wear or use. If a product is only sold in the country it’s being manufactured in, the only people with access to that product would be the people from that country. This leads to a decrease of money for the company whereas more money would be flowing in if there was an expansion and if the product was sold in multiple countries. Another way products can be exclusive is if the company alters the prices. The variety of price range will determine how exclusive the product is. The higher the cost the more exclusive.


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