All You Need to Know About Chihuahuas By. vega nischan

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How much food do they need they need?
  3. What you need to protect chihuahuas?
  4. Take care of it
  5. Conclusion
  6. Index
Cozy chihuahuas


Do you what to know about chihuahuas? Then read this book. It will teach you all about them! You just need to read this book and you will be ready! Read more to find even more awesome facts!

Chihuahuas playing

How much food do they need to eat?

How much food do they need to eat? It depends. But you need to know. Your dog might need more or less. Do not over feed them or under feed them. Look on the back of the box it will tell you how much food they will need to eat. Remember don't leave you dog full or starving.

Chihuahuas going on a walk

What do you need to protect chihuahuas?

What do you need to protect chihuahuas? You will need a gate, a leash (to keep them in range) ,and a collar (to identify them). Why? Because you don't want it to get hurt. Remember be protective.

A calm chihuahua

Take care of it

You need to take care of your chihuahua. Chihuahuas can't take care of them self. You need to protect them and be alert. A chihuahua can watch out but they are not as strong as you. Remember be alert. and very careful.

Chihuahuas relaxing


Chihuahuas are the best because they are calm and loyal. Did you know chihuahuas can run super fast? Maybe someday you will have a chihuahua of you very own.

A baby chihuahua


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