Game Genres and Multiplayer By Owen Gibbins

My survey was on video games and how multiplayer affects them. I did this topic to learn how to use multiplayer in certain video game genres. I asked which genres were peoples favorites and how much they use multiplayer. I asked a total of 25 people and managed to get 16 responses. The group was made up of both strangers and friends. I avoided bias by having a diverse set of survey takers.

A graph of the most played genres. Purple is Other, the most picked choice. This was often used to pick 2 genres or select sports games. The most popular genre when counting all choices is Red, or shooter.

In my survey, the only game to be picked more than once, was picked four times. That game was the very popular shooter, Call of Duty.

This graph depicts how many players claim to be affected by player amounts (Blue= Yes Red= No)

The data was very mixed in the surprise factor. The shooter genres popularity along with the most common favorite game of the genre was Call of Duty were to be expected. The majority of people being affected by player amounts and disliking to play puzzle games with others was also unsurprising. However, something I did not expect was single player being tied with 11-20 people for first. 2 player came in a close second (#2 in 2nd), yet, most people have shown to like a large group or be by themselves. Another surprising detail was that while boys tended to lean towards shooter or strategy games, girls didn't have any genre trends.

The Graph of the Least Favorite Genres to play with others. The most prominent choice, yellow, is Puzzle Games

Despite this surprise, the survey still served its purpose. I feel like these results can be applied to a lot of 7th grade boys and girls but not all of them. The results could probably be applicable to must people who play shooters or other popular genres in the survey. After all, somebody playing Call of Duty would probably have a different preferred player amount than somebody playing Mario Kart.

The results of this survey will help me in future game development. If I did this survey, I'd make only a few changes. I'd make it possible to pick two genres and replace the "Other" option with sports games. This project has helped me realize how to take steps to create better surveys.

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