Islam and Christianity By Tanner and jacob

If your a follower of Christianity then your a Christian more than 2.4 billion believe in this religion and most live in America

It began in the second temple Judaic And Nazareth in the 1st century and it began with people learning to trust Jesus once they trusted him with his powers and all they started to believe in him and follow him

It began with Jesus and the prophet is the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the twelve minor prophets even those that Jesus inspired Christianity his followers spread the word all around the world

It reached United States Brazil Mexico Russia Philippines Nigeria China Democratic Republic of the Congo Germany Ethiopi Italy United Kingdom Colombia South Africa France Ukraine Spain Poland Argentina Kenyaed and it was spread by his followers
They believed in two gods Jesus and God they didn't believe in reincarnation they pray everyday and believe when they die there spirit will go to heaven and they don't believe in a judgement day
There holy book was the bible A.K.A the holy bible or holy book
They place that they worship at is a church u got every Sunday
The cross is there simbol because Jesus died on the cross for your sins
We celebrate Christmas the day Jesus was born we also celebrate Easter the day Jesus rises form the dead
Facts most people that never believed or went to church never knew Jesus had to power to rise from the dead and heal people from blindness sickness and forgive them for there sins and make them go to heaven
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Jacob And Tanner Seals And EVANS


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