Fast Back Beach by Shirlee Matheson


  • Larry-Main character through out the story/ He is a friend of Spider.
  • Spider- Another main character in the story/ He is a bad kid he gets in trouble and does not learn.
  • Miles- a character to he is not a big character but he is one of their friends.
  • Mackenzie- Spider's so called girl he likes her.


The setting takes place all over the place the main setting is probably fast back beach. That is where Miles gets caught for stealing and wrecking the car.


Miles Derkach is in big trouble, him and his two friends. His two friends are Spider and Larry they have all stole a car and went for a little joyride. when all of a sudden he is driving down a dirt lane and BAM! he had crashed. As the dust clears Spider and Larry are no where to be found. First, the cops had been on its way and has caught up with Miles. He is the only person there to take THE BLAME. Furthermore, he is in silence not to snitch on his friends for nothing at all. He takes the blame and has punishment miles is on probation and sentenced for community service. As days go on Miles started to work for a dude that had a stroke and no longer could drive. When Miles first begins working with the older dude he had showed him his beloved hot rod in the garage. As Miles starts restoring the car and helping with the car had been stolen. Miles was not having it he was the prime suspect and was not going to let his friends ruin his life even more. He knew it was time to stand up for himself.

Should you read this book

YES, I think you should read this book. it is a good way to let you know that you have enough power to make your own choices GOOD or BAD. The age group should be between 14 - 18 so that you can understand your choices. SO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

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