Spring Break 2017 Alec jeffries

This is Montego Bay, Jamaica. And this is also the place I will be staying.
The way I will get to my destination is by plane.
Here are three things I will be doing when I am in Jamaica. The first photo is a picture of Dolphin Cove, you can interact with dolphins in nice water and it is just a good time I would think, the second picture is Doctors Cove Beach Club and they have drinks and food to eat while you are on a beach, pretty relaxing. And the last picture is the Blue Mountains, I think it would be an adventure to hike a mountain, I mean i've never done it before so win win.

Here is a popular dish in Jamaica, it is called Ackee and Saltfish, Ackee is a Jamaican fruit that I have never had and I think would be really good.

Here is a dish called "Jerk". It is a cooking style that is generally paired with any kind of meat, it is rubbed in a very spicy seasoning and fried, looks really good to me. But a pretty hot meal.

Here is Coco Bread, it is regular bread rolls that have light soaks of coconut milk in it and the bread is also sweet and tender, looks really good.

And classic coconut milk, I mean it is jamaica and I have honestly never had a glass of coconut milk, I love regular milk so maybe coconut will add a sweet taste to it that I will really like.

And here is Fish Tea, it is a very misleading name because It is not tea at all, it is served in small servings, it is soup with diced carrots, potatoes, fish marinated in lemon juice and garlic, green bananas, spring thyme, stalks escallion, green scotch bonnet pepper, and limes. I might make it when I go home it looks that good.

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