Brooklyn's Portfolio Freshmen year of advanced art 2016-2017

I decided to take advanced art this year because, I was wanting wanting something more challenging. Last year in art 1 i felt like I was being held back because we had certain guidelines to what we had to do. This year I have more say on what I do and when I do it. Something I am expecting to do/learn is how to work with pastels because that is something I am really interested in learning how to do. This year I want to become more skilled in charcoal and pastels.

Even though I have not finished I feel that this is my best thing iv'e done this year so far. Some ways my art has improved this year is by how I paint in general. Just how iv'e learned how to put texture in to my paintings. Also how iv'e kinda learned how to make original art.

I wish I would of spent more time on my charcoal drawing of myself. I just don't like how it was blended very well and when I started to get to the end I rushed myself to get done. I would've taken more time to blend everything properly.

I believe the artistic behavior that iv'e improved in the most is creating original art, and solving problems. This is because in the begging of the year I had to create a piece of art from a word from the dictionary and I ended up doing an original painting of koi fish and it wasn't that good, but now i'm doing a original painting and it is turning out really good. The second artistic behavior that I have improved most in is reflecting. In the begging I would forget to step back and look at more work. Now I step back and look at my work more and see what i need to fix.

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