Will the iPhone 8 Be a Big Step for Apple? By: Saniyya Maududi

Rumors have been circling about the supposed iPhone 8 coming out soon, maybe even this fall. What features it will hold? What it'll look like? What it will be able to do? However, the real question still lies. Will the iPhone 8 actually be worth the money? The iPhone 8 has been a long time rumor and maybe some of them might as well just be true.

Veniamin Geskin took the time to draw how the device could look like.

Apple has come a long way from the very first iPhone that they had ever produced. Millions of people have an iPhone and have enjoyed using them greatly. There has been a lot of criticism from the buyers. For instance, iPhone 7 has received a lot of criticism because of not having a headphone jack, and how easily it gets scratched.

iPhone 7, which has no headphone jack.

Despite all of the criticism, the iPhone 7 has also received a lot of positive feedback for the new features like the advanced camera and the high quality of the iPhone itself.

The dual camera on the iPhone 7 plus

Taking the iPhone 7 into consideration, the iPhone 8 may come out looking even more advanced. There has been word that the final prototype doesn't even have a home button. A couple of early rumors said that apple was working on wireless charging so that could be a new feature that the iPhone 8 may have.

A drawing of how the wireless charging could look like.

An Apple insider wrote, “Apple has a long way to go before deciding on any one particular design.” Others say that Apple might not even release this experimental version of the phone until the next year. But after a lot of rumors, one seems to be the most true. Based on the reveal and release dates of the previous iPhone we can infer that the iPhone 8 release date could possibly be on the 22nd or 23rd of September of 2017, this year!

What an artist thinks the iPhone may look like.

There has also been word that the price will be near $1000! Possibly even more than a $1000 because of the possible new design and features. The iPhone 8 might not even be called iPhone 8, it may be called iPhone edition. According to teen Vogue, "Forbes reports that Japanese tech blog Mac-Otakara says there is no such thing as the iPhone 8 or even the iPhone X, and that it will actually be called iPhone Edition." After hearing all these rumors I'm sure many of us are getting impatient to see the final product.

An artists perspective of how the final product of the iPhone 8 might come out looking like.

So what do you think about the rumors about the possibly upcoming iPhone 8? Do you think it's going to be worth it or has Apple gone overboard?

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