BVHS Art Department est. 2009

LEFT: Studio 1 students work on their first charcoal drawings. They took their own photos for these portraits. Students had to use a grid for drawing and enlarged either 1.5 or 2 times.

BELOW: Masks/Covid don't stop school spirit in the art department. We celebrated White Out day!

Seniors in Studio 3 self portraits projects. These students have to complete a black and white and exaggerated color version of themselves. The media is acrylic paints. They work slowly layering the paints to create a more rich artwork that has great depth.
Ceramics 2 projects inspired by IG artists
Studio 1 mini watercolor paintings

Close up view of a work in progress by Studio 1 student Exavier.

Students in Computer Graphics are slowly learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop in the first 9 weeks. Here they learned how to make their own brushes and make a portrait painting in a monochromatic color palette. In the second project they worked on a real-world problem creating a magazine cover that looked realistic. They had to do extensive research making sure their product had the same characteristics as real magazines.
Art 1 is a class that experiments with many different media. With this project, they created a hand built gnome. This is a photo of projects after the firing stage. They will next finish these adding color with acrylic paints.
Photography class focuses on learning how to use the camera and all the setting capabilities to their advantage. We focus on real-world type activities and creating professional looking products. The students spend a good part of the winter months working in groups learning how to use all the available lighting options to create photographs. These are some examples of past student works.
Studio 1 colored pencil drawings.

Work created by Ceramics II student Katie Fry.

Work created by Ceramics II student Nina Peak.

Work created by Ceramics II student Allie Melvin.

Work created by Ceramics II student Sophie Merriman

Left: Ceramics is working on a combination of projects that include both wheel thrown and hand building techniques. Here a student demonstrates her ability to focus on small details in order to create a strong finished piece.

Above: Students in Studio I are working on color mixing and blending with acrylic paint. Here a student demonstrates the vast range of green colors she created without using any green paint.