Malichi X-STEAM

This is after school at X-STEAM, they are building robots. We also do cool stuff like building rockets and many other stuff.

Mrs.Greene has really cool class we have lots Experiments and we learn about a lot of stuff. EX: Multi cellular- it is a organism that has lots of cells in them.

Eukaryotic- An organism whose cells contain a nucleus surrounded by a membrane

Heterotrophic-Can’t make it’s own food

Kingdom Animalia- Heterotrophic because it has to find there food they are eukaryotic

Kingdom plantae - Autotrophic because it can make it’s food eukaryotic and there Multicellular

erosion, deposition, compaction, and cementation may occur over millions of years to become sedimentary


When vinegar and baking soda combine, carbon dioxide gas is produced.

Cornstarch and water combine, makes slime

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