The waters of the Atlantic receded exposing a large expansive sandbar for a few hours and in their wake left intricate designs. Some were sculptured mounds like the dunes in a Saharan desert landscape, others were like the gentle East Asian brush strokes of a traditional Sumi-e landscape of jagged mountains and deep valleys. I saw the ragged life lines of an EKG strip chart, the delicate swirls of a master pastry chef's icing, "painted" schools of gape-mouthed fish, and even a heart etched in the sands revealed as the waters ebbed.

I indulged my "cloud-spotting" imagination as I looked down at the soft sand, brushed by the late day light, and delighted in the graphic designs divinely crafted for whomever would notice and admire. I invite you to step into my wet footprints on this stretch of "fresh" shoreline and engage your imagination to see what you see in the wake of the receding ripples.

Created By
Yolanda Santiago White


© 2018 Yolanda Santiago White / yolandagraphy

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