Skink: No Surrender By Carl HiaasEn

The overall location is a coastal town in Orlando, Florida. It makes me feel relatable because I live right by a beach to.

Some specific areas are the beach and the sand dunes. There are also the narrators house and his friends house

It takes place in the modern times because they use modern cellphones. I imagine it to be like my real life where everybody counts on there phone.

Environment was coastal and also a bit tropical because the story takes place next to a forest and beach. The weather is nice and sunny. It makes me feel better because of that.

Their are a lot of people because they live in a town with a lot of shops and restaurants. The kind of people that live in the town are beach goers and surfers. It makes me feeling at home because that's what it's like in Hawaii.

The clothes are modern because in the first section she goes into a volcom shop which is a modern day store. Also in Malley closet there was a jacket lined with fake rabbit fur.

This book makes meek feel excited because it sorta a mystery. Nobody knows where Malley is but they know she ran away with someone she met online. So she could be kidnapped.

It affects the story by making the reader excited to read the next page because every page is so interesting that you can't stop reading. If Malley was kidnapped why is she talking and texting people. But the only weird thing is she won't tell where she is.


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