Brian Nayman's 61st Birthday

Braydan found Kelli quickly
Jaime, as beautiful as ever
Trish Love's pictures!
Our "baby" sister isn't much of a baby any more!
Snuggles with dinner!
Hanging with the birthday boy!
Papa bear
Braydan spent the entire night playing with his new BFF, Michael.
Who let the dogs out?
This picture is only here because I told Trish I would delete it.
The birthday boy and his blushing bride!
Amelia wanted in on the action.
Braydan too!
Three generations of awesome!
Any more wine and things could have ended badly.
Less than 5 minutes into our ride home, this happened.
A long 45 minutes later this one had the same fate.
Happy birthday, dad!
Created By
Daniel Nayman

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