The Outside By, Lauren Brennan

Advertisements from the 1960's

Hoodlum Dead in the Park- Dallas Winston or otherwise known to some as Dally was shot last night. Dallas was an ornery Greaser and was upset about a recent death of his close friend Johnny Cade. After Johnny died in the hospital last night, Dallas ran to a local grocery store robbed it at gunpoint. He then was reported to the police who then started chasing him down to the park. He held up a gun and pointed it at the police causing them to panic and fire at him. After an investigation, the police found out that the gun was not loaded but used as a bluff for other people. We can also hypothesize that Dallas wanted to die, according to an interview with some of his close friends.

The Outside Crossword

Runaways save the Day

Recently there was a massive church fire on top of Jay Mountain in Windrixville, Oklahoma. The day started out normal a school was taking some kids out on a picnic at the abandoned church. Two runaways were just picked up by their friend to go get some food at Dairy Queen just down the road. They were stuffing their faces with food after not eating much for days. Then they returned to their hideout, The Church. The boys known as Ponyboy and Johnny were just riding in their car when they see this menacing flame ahead. They abruptly jumped out of the car and sprinted for the church. Pony and Johnny believed that it was their fault that the church was on fire. They thought that they might have dropped a lighted cigarette on the ground. They were aghast to find out that the church had several little kids inside. Pony and Johnny were faltering to get into the church. They finally got to the back of the church to get the kids out. They struggled with a few kids biting and screaming but eventually, they got all the kids out. Pony had a big bruise and a little burn. While Johnny had a broken back from falling timber and lots of severe burns. But at the end, they were heroes.

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