Lemonade Berry LIZET & KAYLEE

The Lemonade Berry is part of the chaparral plant community and is often found in the canyons.

When they start growing

"The lemonade berry plant is a stout bush that averages about three meters tall." Also, the lemonade berries grow together on a plant in small clusters.

Lemonade berries are mostly found in sunny areas, lemonade berries are found growing in the wild during the summer months.

Lemonade berries are native to Southern California.

There scientific name is Rhus Integrifolia, lemonade berries have vitamin C.

California birds eat leamonade berries, these birds eat bear fruit or berries.

Here on this video you can see how well these berries are growing, how tall they are.

This picture here shown is, of a California bird.

California birds eat lemonade berries, we also eat berries too.

Lemonade berries can sometimes be found growing over the Arizona border.

They are pinkish and are covered in small hairs.

The lemonade berries are covered with a sticky outside.

The hairs on the outside are there so only the juice is consumed.

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Kaylee Vellasco Lizet Meza


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