Orbridge Presents: a Virtual Feast Indulge in our wine and cuisine tours throughout Italy

Did you know "Italian wedding soup" doesn't actually exist in Italy, that Cappuccino typically isn't consumed after around 11 AM, and bread and salad are not considered appetizers?

Discover the true Italy! Guests of Orbridge's wine-and cuisine-themed travel programs throughout Italy enjoy an authentic, informative, and intimate small-group experience that many other visitors completely miss. Our delightful itineraries feature a balance of unbeatable sightseeing with hands-on culinary and wine participation that grant an insider's perspective of Italy's treasures.

Whether it's the aromatic balsamic vinegars that excite palates in Northern Italy, the fruit-forward gelatos in Tuscany, or perhaps the peppers and eggplant that thrive in Sicily's warm climate, satisfy your craving for everything Italian now with this virtual feast.

During Orbridge's Flavors of Northern Italy program, step into the serenity of Selva Capuzza, a family farm turned winery and hotel property, tucked away near the shores of Lake Garda.

Selva Capuzza's prime location is a short ride from the renown Italian wine-growing regions of Valpolicella and Soave. Learn about (and taste!) Italian staples, including hand-crafted olive oil, a wide variety of cheeses and pastas, and of course, sweets.

Other itinerary highlights include a private visit to an award-winning producer of balsamic vinegar, an intimate cooking demonstration to learn secrets of slow-cooked, Amarone-infused risotto, and a tour and tasting at a family-run, artisan cheese shop.

The flavors and the people of Northern Italy are simply unforgettable!

Next, journey to Tuscany—known for its green rolling hills, cypress trees, stone castles, and namesake wine—for Orbridge's Flavors of Chianti program.

Embrace postcard-perfect views and generous hospitality while staying at Castello La Leccia—a boutique wine resort with a history dating back to 1077. Sip a glass of Chianti on a sun-dappled terrace, stroll the grounds, and admire vineyards draped with Sangiovese, Merlot, and Petit Verdot grapes.

Like all Italian cuisine, Tuscan-style cooking is about using the freshest ingredients of the season. Learn the techniques handed down from generation to generation from local chefs, and discover the slow food movement—a practice dedicated to sustainable farming and agritourism. It's easy to see why the Italian countryside inspires and excites chefs, vintners, artists, and travelers!

Continue to the south for Orbridge's Flavors of Sicily program. Sicily's dry, warm climate of regular sunshine and moderate rainfall suits wine production and wine-enthusiasts enjoy tasting varieties such as the famed Marsala and Nero D’ Avola. With a private villa serving as home base, partake in meals strongly based on grains, vegetables, and fish in a region where tomatoes—ripened to perfection in the intense sunshine—have a full-bodied taste unlike any other.

Tour highlights include a special visit to Benanti, an award-winning winery, for a unique cooking lesson followed by a vineyard visit and wine tasting. See the animated markets of Ortigia bursting with color and overflowing with fresh, local, authentic goods: herbs, ripe blood-red oranges, deep purple aubergines, bright red chili peppers, and sunny lemons. Utilizing such ingredients, continue to hone your culinary prowess with a hands-on cooking class of traditional Sicilian fare alongside a celebrated chef at Villa Britannia. Create a variety of mouth-watering dishes that may include marinated prawns, frittedda (sweet and sour vegetables), pasta alla Norma, and Tonno e Spada Affunicata (smoked tuna and swordfish).

From the sea to the mountains, and from the volcanoes to the fishing villages, Sicily's treasures of delicious food, Greek temples, Roman mosaics, and resplendent churches reward those who venture there.

If you're ready to explore this delectable side of Italy, join us on a Flavors program that takes you off the beaten path to experience Italian life like a local. Each destination welcomes you like family and embraces you in la dolce vita.

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