Spanish St Helen's Catholic Primary

What Is Our Vision?

The intention of the Spanish curriculum at St Helen's is to provide children with the knowledge of linguistics in one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, as this will lay the foundation for children further language study in the future.

We encourage children to develop a love of learning languages, and support them to make substantial progress with learning the Spanish language. Through our planning, we aim to encourage our children to not only find out about the language of Spain but also different cultural elements and events.

Our Approach

All KS2 children at St Helen's will be taught Spanish in focused teaching sessions using the iLanguages scheme to support both experienced and non-specialist language teachers. This scheme sits within a curriculum focused on developing the oral and phonics skills while also using elements of Talk4writing to support the children in their progress and interaction with their Spanish lessons.

The scheme introduces language at a deliberately slow, steady pace and accommodates a range of learning styles by encouraging children to participate in an assortment of activities such as rhymes, songs, video clips and games. The main skills developed throughout the programme are speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and intercultural understanding.

Teachers endeavour to provide opportunities to embed the Spanish language not only in lessons but also at times throughout the normal school day such as times of greeting and when providing praise.

Curriculum Impact

Formative assessment will support the teachers in adapting their planning to ensure maximum progress of the children through the scheme provided. Regular revision sessions allow children to re-enforce the skills they have learnt while also allowing teachers the opportunity to assess what information the children have retained over time.

We will measure the impact of history through:

  • Teacher assessment judgements
  • Pupil voice
  • Learning walks
  • Lesson observations
  • Book Scrutinies

In our Spanish lessons some of the things you will see are:

  • Children who are engaged in learning and teachers who create a learning buzz.
  • Teachers who are supported through the scheme they access and are keen to help the children learn a new language.
  • Clear progression in skills and vocabulary.