What is Hootsuite? by: Sebastian Inchauste

About Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an incredible management tool that expedites and organizes content across all the different social media platforms consolidating them into one simple and user friendly layout. With all the various features that Hootsuite has to offer, it makes the management of multiple social media accounts for major organization or small businesses have a more coherent and in sync voice.


Hootsuite has an arsenal of tools that provide different functions that prove extremely helpful in developing your social media presence on your brand or organization. One of the tools that I think brings many benefits to the table are the “stream” section that allows you to monitor multiple social media platforms at once. It also allows use to search key words or tags as well as specifically designated geographical locations. Another huge benefit that Hootsuite brings to its users is the ability of providing people with real time analytics and data about individual posts or your social media as a whole. This is important because it can help you identify positive trends and potential threats to your organization. The last feature that I thought that was very interesting is their “Hootsuite Campaigns” section. I thought this was huge because it helps you make advertising campaigns like fund raisers or contests across all your various social media platforms. This helps engage with your audience but also helps you identify your key influencers and supporters. With all these tools and many more Hootsuite is able to bring huge opportunities to small companies and great tools for big corporations to improve on their names.


In all I personally thought that learning about Hootsuite and getting the certification was extremely important. Not only does it provide us with multiple tools that help us analyze data, organize, and create content but most importantly in my opinion it gives an opportunity for small companies to increase their social media presence. In today’s world social media is a basic key component that allows organizations to market themselves to the public. Social media is now used for public relations, marketing and many other things and a company that is not engaged or coherent on their social media platforms is a massive step behind their competitors. With Hootsuite, it enables people to market and build a coherent brand voice across all the major platforms giving them the opportunity to grow and expand. I am thankful for learning about this amazing platform to the point that I am also working towards the Social Marketing certification so that I can continue to expand my arsenal of tools hopefully expanding my horizons into new opportunities.

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Sebastian Inchauste


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