Air Force Aaron Ramirez 2nd

There are two diffrent types of jobs for the Air Force there is the mechanics that work on the jets and other air craft. Then there is the pilots who fly the diffrent air crafts.

The reason why I want to do this job is because my uncle was in the military. Plus I want to help the world and help the people keep their freedom. The way I became interested in joining the air force is when I got to meet a person who was injured in the air force say that he lost his leg in a war.

The Education needed to be in the air force is a Bachelor's degree. Also Knowledge of theory of flight, air navigation, meteorology, flying directives, aircraft operating procedures, and mission tactics. The average salary for a Air Force Pilot is $99,304 a year.

The way I can make a difference by working this job is protecting this country. Also by giving my life for the rights of the people.


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