Zinc by :Taylor Bell


Atomic number - 35

Atomic mass of 65.39

Zinc atom

What makes up zinc you might ask .Well the answer to that is,

  • 30 protons
  • 35 neutrons
  • 30 electrons
  • Zinc is a unknown solution. Also it was know to the ancients since that it is not man made. Zinc is a solid that is a metal. Also zinc is a good conductor of electricity. Zinc is mostly used to making roofing titles but also used to make light post ,brass guard rails, and some types of jewelry..

Physical properties of Zinc

  • solid
  • metal
  • very dense
  • silver color

Chemical properties of Zinc

  • will not rust
  • is not toxic
  • is not flamible
This is some roofing titles made of zinc


Created with images by fdecomite - "Zinc" • James St. John - "Sphalerite-fluorite (Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico)" • James St. John - "Zinciferous marble (Franklin Marble, Mesoproterozoic, 1.03-1.08 Ga; zinc mine in Franklin, northern New Jersey, USA) 1" • Rita Willaert - "Jerevan - Armenië"

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