Personality Types Carly E. Owens

(Personal) ESFJ: Extravert (31%) Sensing (6%) Feeling (31%) Judging (47%) This personality type is a superior personality who enjoys being in charge. Being proactive, they enjoy solving problems that they see. While they enjoy being in control, ESFJ's are sensitive and can easily be hurt. These people wrestle between right and wrong when it comes to decisions. ESFJ's love taking care and being of help to others, although, they find very little things dangerous and often overprotect. Common career is management and entrepreneur.

(Opposite) INTJ: Introverted intuitive Thinking Judging. This Personality isn't very social and often considered to be the outsiders or loners. Their imagination is a common used tool but they also are very reliable. Being a perfectionist, their self confidence is sometimes mistaken for their arrogance. The deep caring of people is only in a choice few so a lot of friendships are not necessary in these lives. These don't believe in small talk and a lot of relationships due to their lack of patience and understanding but when they do care for someone, they care a lot. Common careers are within science.

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