Secrets Doors ZAA 108 - PART 2

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Door 1 - Impartiality

The interaction between conflict management and ethics in organisations occurs in a network of power relations, organisational structures and the often conflicting objectives of organisational competitiveness and workplace justice.

Key to the role of the SRL manager is the management of conflict and delivery of justice in decision making.

It’s argued to you that ethical decision making (to resolve conflict) is challenged by the inherent nature of the governance of an SRL organisation.

Why? The SRL environment is driven by the need for efficiency because the SRL manager is expected to perform a range of roles, particularly that of 'strategic partner' which can be at odds with its 'employee champion' role.

Secondly, as someone who represents the firm, the SRL manager has to be a neutral mediator of conflicts that will occur between members and stakeholders of an SRL.

Finally, while pursuing neutrality might have a shorter term goal of supporting managerial or organisational objectives, longer term goals, particularly those which enhance workplace justice, are likely to be afforded through the exercise of impartiality informed by an ethical code.

Adapted from Van Granberg and Teicher (2006) Managing Neutrality and Impartiality in Workplace Conflict Resolution: The Dilemma of the HR Manager.

Door 2 - Privacy and Dignity

Many SRL organisations may have governance requirements to protect the way their member’s personal information is handled under Australian privacy laws.

The resources in this link will help you find out whether this applies to your club.

Door 3 - Interests and Activities
  • Strategic Planner
  • Organisational Culture
  • Organisational Structures
  • Human resource management
  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Performance Management .

Ethicist, Lawyer, Coach, Cleaner, Psychologist, Event Manager, Facility Manager, Travel Agent , Tour Guide, “Medical expert”, Negotiator, Talent Scout, Sports Agent, Risk manager, Media guru, Mentor, Healthy lifestyle exponent. The exemplar “fix-it” person for a wide ranging clientele.

Door 4 - Integration

SRL plays an important part of civil society.

Many SRL organisations in Tasmania are voluntary sport organisations. All operate by way of integration-benefits to community – offering a social connectedness if you will. This integration- benefit is linked to a belief system called ‘social capital’.

Social capital exists because of the ‘nowness factor’ of SRL. Nowness means that SRL is highly effective in assembling real-time audiences by linking itself into the everyday lives of people in the community in ways that are no more uniform than the people who encounter it.

As an SRL manager the nowness factor presents itself daily and is often regarded as an important part of life in Australia, contributing to community identity, sense of place, social interaction and good health.

Door 5 - Decision Making
Adapted from Understanding Decision Making

Understanding decision Making

The SRL organisation environment

ENVIRONMENT - Economic Social Political Legal Technological - Positive / happy

  • The SRL environment is both tangible and intangible and it can be subjective making it difficult to ensure consumer satisfaction
  • The SRL environment is inconsistent and unpredictable. Consumer-product marketers market consistency whereas SRL products and services market the excitement of unpredictability
  • The SRL environment’s products and services are a perishable commodity, developed in anticipation of demand and produced and consumed simultaneously
  • Aspects of financing and budgeting for SRL organisations differ from those of a typical business and direct income from competition is usually seasonal
  • For the SRL manager there is a highly complex network of stakeholders ranging from government agencies to media, sponsors, volunteers and members
  • SRL enterprises earn significant income from sources extraneous to the sale of the service (e.g., sponsorship and television rights)
  • Managers of SRL leagues must heighten competition to be successful, not eliminate it
  • Competition cannot take place without coordination and collaboration with competitors.

Enjoyable workplace environments

Achor, S 2010, The happiness advantage: the seven principles that fuel success and performance at work, Random House, New York.

Chainprasit, K, Santdhiraku, O 2011 Happiness at work of employees in small and medium-sized enterprises, Thailand, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 25, 2011, Pages 189-200, Elsevier.

The happy secret to better work | Shawn Achor | 12.20 mins


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