Top 5 BAITCASTERS 2016-2017 That are Inexpensive

The first one is the Abu Garcia Revo Sx. It’ a great all around Reel for any Fishing Angler for any uses. It can come in two different gear ratios but usually there's three or four but for a reel that's this good it's rare to have two gear ratios 6.4:1 and 7.1:1 which are good for using slow moving baits, But not too slow for a crankbait or spinnerbait.

Next is the Daiwa Tatula this bait caster is good for Flipping Docks with Swim jigs or other flipping baits and you're also able to cast big baits further because it open and shuts on its Casts and has great different gear ratios so you're able to throw fast baits with the higher gear ratios and via versa.

Last but definitely not last is the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket this Reel Is Great for fast baits being worked fast because of the 9.0:1 gear ratio which means you can cover more and get more cast into the water. and is able to handle heavier type baits also can hold up to 20 pounds of braided line.

Next is the Abu Garcia Black Max Reel it has 6.4:1 gear ratio so its good for slower moving baits like jigs and senkos, also is very good for working slower top water baits like poppers.It can hold up to 17 pound braid line and is able hold heavier type baits. also is the least expensive one out of the three baitcasters at $50.00 dollars.

Out of all of these great bait casters I would choose the Abu Garcia revo sx 7.1:1 gear ratio because I had great success with the brand abu garcia and 7.1:1 is a great gear ratio for all types of baits.

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