AVT 668 3D Art making challenge "Aqua Tribe" - JOURNEY INTO AN INVENTED CULTURE

Wire Figure of Self-Portrait: Scale 1/4
Full figure of Aqua Tribe Man (Wire, foil amateur with refining and detailing using tissue and paper pulp).
Close up detail photos: Aqua-men have pointy heads for efficient swimming with gill like noses, ears and back of their heads. The heads carry extra air to extend time underwater.
Aqua-Man Head
Side and back view of head
Death Ritual Object

This death ritual object depicts how the Aqua-tribe would bury their dead bodies using hollow drift wood. Influenced by research into how Inuit people would wrap dead bodies in animal skins and place them under rocks to deter scavengers.

Sketch Process of Mervia
Mervia: The Goddess of Aqua-Tribe

"Mervia" represents a powerful ocean goddess to the Aqua-tribe in their mythology. The moral of the origin story is to provide awareness that the tribe needs to take respect the balance in the ecological environment. (Strong free will of goddess has power of control Aqua Tribe: She is able to make storm and turbulence.)

Sketch of Floating House
Aqua-Tribe living habitat

Due to Global warming, water levels rise high above the land. Dry land is limited. This dwelling habitat represents floating housing used by the aqua-tribe built using only natural resources such as wood, ocean animal skins, and leaves.

Sketch for Jeogori
Assemblage: Ceremonial/Ritual Wearable Object- Jeogori (Korean traditional basic upper garment)

Assemblage art is used to suggest the challenges that we face to preserve and protect our planet earth by using less synthetic products.


Seung Ae Kwak

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