Her Last Westridge Birthday: Westridge Celebrates Mrs. McGregor With Tea BY: ELLA B.

Mrs. McGregor stands near the table of refreshments. ('25 Ella B.)

Tearful, Mrs. McGregor, Head of School, sat in her office and reflected with joy on the recent celebrations. It was October 15, 2021, Elizabeth J. McGregor’s birthday, her final one while at Westridge. “I’m so overwhelmed,” she said. “It's like my life’s work flashed right in front of me.” This was McGregor’s first realization that she would not be at Westridge next year, a thought that made her very emotional. Everything about the event took her breath away. She declared several times how grateful she was for all the students and faculty she met while at Westridge.

The colorfully decorated cookies along with tea, flowers, honey, and more. ('25 Ella B.)

Outside the Commons, Upper School students swarmed the white folding tables trying to grab the refreshments that were part of the celebration: packaged cookies and tea. The chamber orchestra played a set of beautiful songs.

Students show off their silly and elegant hats. ('25 Ella B.)

Earlier in the week, students received an email from Greek and Roman heads Clara K. ‘22 and Katelyn T. ‘22 encouraging them to wear festive hats in preparation for a lunchtime tea party, but the email didn’t mention the birthday celebration, so it was a relative surprise for most everyone.

The decorations outside of Mrs. McGregor's office. ('25 Ella B.)
Upper School's Chamber Orchestra taking a bow after their performance. ('25 Ella B.)

Students surrounded the orchestra in front of PAC (Performing Arts Center) while others fought to get cookies and tea.

Alice C. ‘25, who wore a black tophat to the event said, “The event was the highlight of the week. It was so fun to see so many people participate and celebrate Ms. McGregor in such a unique way.”

Students huddle around the table to grab cookies and tea.

The whole celebration was a great time for students, faculty, and the woman being honored. “I could not have wished for a better moment in my whole life, truly.”, said McGregor. Campus life and culture really is back: food, music, all of it, and there’s a good chance it’s here to stay.

More cookies next to signs celebrating Mrs. McGregor's birthday. ('25 Ella B.)