George Mcclellan By:TIMOTHY WYNN

The full name of the man at topic is George Brinton Mcclellan.

George Mcclellan was born December, 3 1826, in Philadelphia.
As a young man George Mcclellan went to school at the University of Pennsylvania. When he went to the University he worked very hard and finished seconded in his class. He was raised in a wealthy family that supported him.
Put himself at tension with President Lincoln when he did not attack the confederate army even though he had a distinctive numerical advantage. Later that year he failed to decisively defeat Robert E. Lee, and then was removed by President Lincoln.
He played a major role in the battle of Antetem and the second Bull Run as well as the Pennsylvania campaign.
George B Mcclellan was a key man in the civil war as the general-an-chief for a short time, as well he organized the army of the Potomac. He also was a railroad worker from 1878-1881.
I admire that he was successful with every thing he did from railroad worker to army general!

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