(Class 2) Learning Journal User Experience Design, UX to UI

Class 2

This assignment and course information was very organized - making it fairly direct to determine categories and then placing them onto a site map. I enjoyed interacting with my projected audience to assist in determining simplified categories and then placing the sub categories underneath these larger categories. It was all very logical and I could see different avenues of thinking in relationship to site organization.

This class has given me opportunity to explore and define my course site design for ease of use. Keeping everything (all of the categories) within just 2 levels down will enhance the user experience with the site and ensure everything is easy to locate.

By keeping assignments and image presentations together, organized by module titles, students will have clearer understanding of what the key topic is for the section and then be able to review information learned for that section.

Live Class 2 was excellent and cleared up many misconceptions regarding the design of a site map. Also learning from a master designer assisted a great deal in seeing applications applied to real world settings. I am hoping to use some of this method in my courses - the theory and ideas and techniques alongside real-world applications.

Here are images of the possible card sorting ideas and also a copy of the ending site map.

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