Faith to Conquer Fear The Journey

I have a question for you, since you're here. If failure was not an option and fear was not an issue for you, what would you do differently? Land your dream job? Graduate from college or explore higher education? Would you have written your book? Become an entrepreneur? Embrace a wonderful relationship? What has fear kept you from fulfilling?

You may say "Christy, I don't have any fears. I am doing all of the things I ever imagined I would do, and more!" If that is you, my response is "Praise the Lord! Keep Going!" However, for most of us, this is not our story. We don't often realize we have fear, per se. The fear just shows up, as symptoms, like a cold. We are only aware that we have a cold once our body starts outwardly exhibiting symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing, and a runny nose. Fear acts the same way. It manifests itself in frustration, denial, feeling overwhelmed, the need for control, lack of trust, inability to commit, an unwillingness to change, and more. Let's stop masking the symptoms. The only cure for these symptoms is increased faith to conquer the real fears.

What would a life without fear look like for you?

If these resonate with you and you're ready to move beyond the fears and accomplish all that God has for you, please accept my invitation.

Join the Faith to Conquer Fear Family

Overcome your fears and reach your God given potential via live trainings, community interaction, coaching sessions, and much more!

With membership, now you will finally have the tools, inspiration, and accountability you need to conquer your fears so you can...

  • Start and launch your business idea!
  • Step into Ministry - The world is waiting on your gifts!
  • Change Careers - Do what you love!
  • Go back to school - even if you think you're too old!
  • Write your book - It's not going to publish itself.
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking, so you can share your message with the world!
  • Give up Control and Trust God
  • And More...
Christy Demetrakis, Author, Speaker, & Trainer

Christy Demetrakis is the President of The Empowered Speaker, a company that teaches the importance of faith in conquering the fears that limit us from reaching our highest God given potential. As the author of two books, an inspirational speaker, and presentation skills and book writing coach, Christy has trained and coached hundreds of people to move beyond their perceived limitations to achieving greater fulfillment in their lives and careers.


"Christy Demetrakis, The Empowered Speaker is the real deal! She is a successful author, motivational speaker, radio host and entrepreneur. Our Book Seminar, titled The Power In You featured Christy as a presenter and she didn’t disappoint. She was inspiring, down-to-earth, and very engaging with her audience." Cheryl E.

With membership to the Faith to Conquer Fear Family, you can finally have:

  • A renewed sense of purpose, knowing that God has the perfect plan for your life that does not include fear
  • A renewed mindset and freedom from negative thoughts
  • The Courage to do "the thing you think you cannot do"

What will I deliver for you as a member of the Family?

  • Partnership - Sometimes we need a partner to help us on this journey
  • Supportive environment to acknowledge your fears and work through the process
  • Tools to increase your faith
  • Teachings grounded in biblical principles
  • Results! If you do your part, I'll do my part to help you conquer your fears.


"God has a divine plan for our lives. I am so thankful that participating in the Faith to Conquer Fear book series was in my life’s plan. I was reminded: •Life is indeed a journey. Continual. Fearless, we can experience life more joyfully and abundantly. •God’s plan does not require our permission to change the script, change lanes, or derail our plans. The Word declares, “His plans are to prosper and not harm you..” Yet, when we experience uncertainties and tragedies, we do get scared.

With Christy’s dynamic personality and transparency, the book series came alive with relevant scriptures, practical activities and humor to identify, confront and dismantle the cycle of fear. The monthly discussions provided fellowship, self-reflection. These sessions unlocked the enemy’s door of isolation, helping to defang fear’s venom. At the conclusion of each session, we were edified, armed with the Word (our sword) and empowered with strategies to fearlessly slay our giants. God Bless you Christy for creating this powerful faith filled, book series. The package certainly will bring hope and a bright future to many!" Kathleen Joiner

Join the Faith to Conquer Fear Family today and receive tools to help you conquer your fears and achieve your dreams!

  • Faith to Conquer Fear template (develop a specific plan to conquer your fears)
  • Weekly Video Encouragement and Tips
  • Weekly bonus content, including articles, videos, and resources to conquer your fears
  • Access to Private Facebook Community page for accountability and support

Would you like even more interaction with the Family?

  • Get access to everything above, Plus...
  • Quarterly 1:1 Coaching Call with Christy ( a $500 value)
  • Bi-Weekly live Accountability group call with Christy and other family members (a $500 value)

Bonus: I'll ship you a signed copy of my book for you or a friend with your $29 per month membership!

Interested in accelerating your progress?

Join Christy's Inner Circle

In addition to all the tools you will receive as a member of the Faith to Conquer Fear Family, you have access to...

Christy's Inner Circle membership is limited to only 10 members per year.

If you are really serious about walking in your purpose and destiny, schedule an introductory call with me. I would love to learn more about you and mutually determine if my Inner Circle is a good fit for you.

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Christy Demetrakis

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