The Role of Education in the Victorian Era Destiny Sanchez

Until the 1800's, there was no education system before the Victorian Era.

  • Most children were not given the opportunity to have an education.
  • Boys were usually the ones to have an education.
  • Education was depended on people's social status.
  • A law was issued to allow children to have an education.

Education was limited during the Victorian Era.

  • Girls most likely had little to no education.
  • Boys either went to public or private school.
  • Girls stayed home to educate.

Parents usually had very different roles when it came to education in the Victorian Era.

  • The fathers were rarely home during the time their children were learning.
  • Mothers helped out a lot at teaching the kids. Mostly the girls at home.
  • Education was not only math and science, it was about play time also.

When education started to develop more, it made an impact on society then and even today.

  • There is a new perspective on how we see education now.
  • The education system then was the building block of our education system now.
  • More people in the society now have access to education.


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