Vertical Challenge anthony Phan

Description of project

During this project, we had to build a robot on the wall and the primary goal was to raise a minimum weight of 100 grams, straight up; a minimum distance of 50 centimeters. most weight under the same conditions. For more information/rules check out this link:


  • Attach string to cup
  • Build base
  • Lift off
  • Keep going up til at top
  • Stop
  • Put in reverse
  • Go back down
  • Stop when touch base




Robot pulling 270 grams

Robot pulling 680 grams

What i learned

During this project, I learned many things and also tried new things. I used two bricks instead of one, which allows me to use 4 motors at the same time. It was also fun trying something new and interesting.


Created with images by kevingessner - "Cranes"

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