The Ageless Gate Album by Joost van Dongen

The Ageless Gate is the atmospheric debut album by cellist Joost van Dongen. An album full of instrumental music that invokes strong images. Together, the 13 songs tell a tale that spans three centuries. The story is told by short text pieces in between the songs, voiced by voice actor Chris Einspahr.

Listen online

Instrumental edition

There's also a bonus instrumental edition of the album, without the narrator. For when you need some concentration and want just the music. Here it is on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and YouTube Music.

Order CD

Available on CD in a deluxe package with a 16 page booklet with art by Marissa Delbressine. Includes a bonus CD with a version of the album without the narrator. To order, send an email to joost@joostvandongen.com. Price is €10 plus shipping costs.

sheet music

Sheet music for cello, violin and viola can be downloaded for free for all songs on the album:


  • All songs composed by Joost van Dongen
  • Daan Kandelaars (Tremor.Studio): mixing and mastering
  • Roderick Leeuwenhart & Joost van Dongen: story


  • Joost van Dongen: cello, instrument programming, glockenspiel (4)
  • Marissa Delbressine: vocals (4)
  • Thomas van Dijk: acoustic guitar (4), bass guitar (6)
  • Mijnke van der Drift: violin (11, 13)
  • Chris Einspahr: narration
  • John Maasakkers: drums (2, 6, 9, 11), percussion (2, 9)
  • Joyce Scheeren: vocals (6)