December week 4

Hey Kidspoint Jedi, team leaders and team mates!

Christmas is upon us

This is our goal: 7500 people coming through our doors for Christmas services

We have a great opportunity coming for Christmas. We know Growth happens around Christmas at Lifepoint. Thousands of people will actually walk into our building one way and walk out being different.

This season will literally bring thousands of people to Lifepoint, thus having an encounter with Christ!
  • Give greetings to new families who will encounter Jesus in our campus
  • Give a child a blessing
  • Give a generous smile to EVEYONE
  • Give out your energy to people who will be able to cross paths with Christ and become fully alive

Your act of service and giving echoes further than just the kids' life. It resounds in the parents' life also.


We will hold a general rally which I will lead and then, everybody will go out to their environment to have their specific meetings. Here are the time & place of our rallies

Friday the 23rd
  • 4PM in downstair's Quest theater
  • 6:30PM in downstair's Quest theater
  • 8:30PM in downstair's Quest theater
Saturday the 24th
  • 11AM in downstair's Quest theater
  • 1:30PM in downstair's Quest theater
  • 3:30PM in downstair's Quest theater
  • 5:30PM in downstair's Quest theater
Here are a few things to know

You will have a lot a salvation moments this season with our kids

Eternal salvation comes from Him. He saves all those who obey him. Hebrews 5:9 NIRV

Be bold in...

  1. Being active in presenting the Gospel to our kids
  2. Walking them on the path of salvation
  3. In knowing the child's name who gave his life to Christ
  4. The blessing received of being the channel of the Spirit
  5. Giving out the red "Salvation" guides as well as the blue "Baptism" guides also.

Note the child's name on the salvation sheet in the folder. Ask your team leader or coach where it is.

Let’s remind ourselves to be there at Christmas: it’s an opportunity to transform lives that we have !

We're done with rally Zoo :( They are closing the site down at the end of the year. We will be using this site. . Let's get used to our Dropmark everyone.
Let’s remind ourselves to be there at Christmas: it’s an opportunity to transform lives that we have !
  1. Just a reminder to all: no service on 12/25 and join us ONLINE ONLY on 1/1/17.
  2. Back, full throttle on Sunday 1/8!
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