Profolio Ethan Brown

One of my experiences in art is meeting new friends that I never would have met if I had not done art

My thoughts about art class is that in the beginning of the year I wasn't gonna learn any thing because it was art and what could I learn about art but through out the year I learned a lot

A few things I learned was how to draw with value and make it realistic also I learned how to use blending to make my art flow with good texture and color

This is my bold contour line
This is a broken contour line
This is a pure contour
This is a lost and found line
This was a blind contour because I was not looking at what o was drawing that's why it is a "blind" contour
This is my upside down drawing what we did for this drawing is turn the image we we were drawing upside-down and we drew what we saw not what we thought we saw
For this assignments we focused on drawing the negative space which would be the area around the car
This image is of how I drew a hand on the beginning of the year
This image is of how I draw my hand after art
The best part for the profile is the Donald trim hair
For are stippling what we did was draw an image and draw the value completely out of dots
For this assignment we used an exact o knife and scratched off the black surface to reveal the white and to show are image
This is my before and after of a self portrait
This is what my ribbon drawing was gonna be

During my experience in art I found it challenging to get the values right and something I enjoyed the most was drawing my hand and something I would like to work on is getting the values right something I improved on the most is how I draw people.

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