Kappa Psi 59th Grand Council Convention report Washington, d.c.


The 59th Grand Council Convention (GCC) was held from July 17th to July 21st in Washington, D.C. Brothers from all over gathered to enjoy five days of Fellowship and see the impact that our fraternity has made these past two years. We were treated to a rich variety of workshops, forums, and continuing education. Brothers were also able to present student posters and attend a career roundtable. A new International Executive Committee was elected, and we all braved the Washington heat to see some amazing views and sweat together in the first ever Virtual 5K!

In this issue:

  • New International Executive Committee
  • Awards and Scholarships
  • Philanthropy
  • Kappa Psi Virtual 5K
  • The Northwest Province Report
  • Changes in Legislation
  • Personal Stories of GCC

New International Executive Committee

The 2019-2021 International Executive Committee was elected at the closing session of the 59th Grand Council Convention and installed at the 140th Alpha Chapter Anniversary Banquet. The new International Executive Committee are as follows:

  • Grand Regent: Christy Askew
  • Grand Vice-Regent: Jason Milton
  • Grand Counselor: Melissa Buchanan
  • Grand Historian: Chris Miller
  • Grand Ritualist: Joe Nardolillo
  • Graduate Member-at-Large: Saswat Kabisatpathy
  • Collegiate Member-at-Large: Alex Maciejewski
  • Immediate-past Grand Regent: Robert Mancini (pictured here, enjoying his almost retirement)

Congratulations to the newly elected International Executive Committee, we cannot wait and see what the next two years have in store for us!

Awards and scholarships

The Northwest Province Brothers after caucus.

Awards and Scholarships were awarded at the 12th Biennial Scholarship and Awards Luncheon on Thursday, July 18th. The Top Performing Chapter Award is awarded to chapters that complete at least 85% of the Chapter Progress Report. The following collegiate chapters were awarded the 2019 Top Performing Chapter Award:

  • Beta Omicron (University of Washington)
  • Beta Pi (Washington State University)
  • Epsilon Pi (Idaho State University)
  • Epsilon Chi (University of Utah)

Idaho Graduate Chapter was recognized as one of the top performing Graduate Chapters.

Beta Pi GCD Julie Akers was awarded the Grand Council Deputy Certificate of Excellence, and she was highlighted in the Brother Spotlight presentation as the recipient of the Good Government Pharmacist of the Year Award.


The recipient of the 2019 Kappa Psi Foundation Scholarship is Brother Brent Kirshenbaum of Beta Omicron (represented here by Brother Johnny Wong of Seattle Graduate).

Congratulations, everyone!


Reach Out and Read

Our fraternity had quite an impact in service, most notably with our Philanthropic Partner Reach Out and Read, which was established during Immediate-past Grand Regent Robert Mancini's term. Over the past two years, Brothers from all chapters held book drives and donated their time and money to this wonderful organization. I am pleased to report that the fraternity reached the goal of $50,000 in monetary donations, which was presented to Donna Cohen Ross, Reach Out and Read’s Strategic Partnerships and Policy Advisor (pictured left with Immediate-past Grand Regent Mancini). Below is a snapshot of the Northwest Province contributions and the overall contributions of the fraternity in the ROR initiative:

Northwest Province Contributions

  • Books collected: 1,374
  • Monetary donations: $1,083.18
  • Total Chapter Participation: 86.7%
  • Collegiate Chapter Participation: 100%
  • Graduate Chapter Participation: 71.4%

Fraternity ROR Contributions

  • Total books collected: 18,533
  • Total Brother-hours volunteered: 35
  • Total Brother-hours planning events: 5,985
  • Total number of ROR sites impacted: 45
  • Total monetary donations: $50,000

Total Fraternity Impact

In addition to our contributions to Reach Out and Read, our Brothers donated a significant amount of time and money in non-ROR philanthropic events during the 2017-2019 term. Here are the reported numbers:

  • Total amount donated: $248,368.84
  • Total books donated: 19,061
  • Total Brother-hours: 92,905

Many thanks to the Philanthropy Committee Co-Chairs Sanaz Farhadian and Eliana Kurzum, and the members of the Philanthropy Committee for crunching the numbers and putting everything together. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the slideshow and video (link below) that Brother Farhadian posted on the Kappa Psi Facebrook group to truly see the impact that our fraternity has on the community.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/sfarhadian/videos/10157421451009322/

Kappa psi foundation virtual 5k

The Kappa Psi Foundation held 3 fundraising events at GCC. In addition to a Top Golf Tournament and a Poker Tournament, our very own Utah Graduate Brother Kyle Murray helped organize the Kappa Psi Foundation's first ever Virtual 5K. This unique 5K allowed Brothers to run at different times during a set time frame, foregoing the need to block off a set course. Brothers from all over participated, including one that was in Afghanistan! Overall, the 5K was able to collect over $3,900 to donate to the Foundation. Congrats to Kyle for organizing such a fun event! Check out some our Northwest Province Brothers and others that braved the heat to run the streets of Washington. See who you can recognize!

Many thanks to everyone that ran, walked, and supported us!

Province report 2019

Every GCC, each Province has a chance to showcase what each Chapter of their Province has been up to to the fraternity at large. Check out what the Northwest Province was up to these past few years! Thank you to everyone that contributed to the Province Report.

Changes in Legislation

Two Legislative proposals were made at the 59th GCC. The first proposed change was to By-Law V, Sec. 4 (The Grand Council). Previously, proxy forms were required to be notarized and mailed to the Central Office. The proposed change was to allow proxy forms to be sent electronically. This proposal was submitted by our previous Assistant Province Supervisor Corey Edwards, and passed with a unanimous vote. While the Delegate credentials must still be signed by the Regent, Satrap, or Secretary of the Chapter or Province being represented, the forms can now be sent via mail or email with a postmark or electronic transmission date of at least 1 month prior to the start of GCC. However, mailed proxy forms must still be notarized. Additionally, all electronic submissions must be sent from the Chapter or Province's official email address, or using a secured, verifiable digital signature.

The second proposed change was for By-Law XI, Sec. 10 (Official Insignia, Badges, Etc.), which proposed removing a description of the Insignia from the Constitution. This proposal did not pass.

Personal stories from GCC

The 59th GCC was a first time experience for many Brothers, and a chance to reunite for others. Here's what our Brothers had to say:

Ted Firica of Epsilon Pi basking in Fellowship and High Ideals.

"GCC was an absolute eye opener to the strength of Brotherhood. It was hard for me to distinguish pharmacists from student pharmacists, but titles did not matter at GCC. We were treated as Brothers first." (Justin Vo, Beta Pi)

"GCC was a whirlwind of fun and meeting new people. It was really awesome seeing the scope of the organization and the passion of the Brothers" (Max DeMerit, Beta Omicron)

"GCC was the first time where it felt like I was in a room full of hundreds of people who were all dressed up at 9 in the morning for business meetings because they legitimately wanted to be there." (David Huang, Beta Omicron)

"It was my first time meeting this many people from so many different parts of the country. I’ve never had a lot of out of state friends other than back in my home state of California, so bringing back memories from people from all over is truly surreal." (Judy Huynh, Beta Omicron)

The Northwest Province selling new merchandise at Chapter sales.

"I enjoyed the fast pace that we did everything at and how there was always something to do. For example, I walked 3 miles with NWP brothers in the DC humidity to sight see, and we still found a way to get to the social in the same night." (JT Lew, Beta Omicron)

"I was happy to be able to see everyone as well as meet new people." (Celine Wang, Beta Omicron)

Brothers from Beta Omicron, Beta Pi, and Epsilon Xi seeing the sights!

Pictured: Max DeMerit (Beta Omicron), Justin Vo (Beta Pi), David Huang (Beta Omicron), Yaling Vu (Beta Omicron), Isabelle Wong (Epsilon Xi), Judy Huynh (Beta Omicron), JT Lew (Beta Omicron)

Epsilon Pi at Chapter sales

"Sitting in a room with hundreds of Brothers and the Grand Council in front of me made me realize how big Kappa Psi is and the impact I am a part of!" (Kristina Dwarka, Epsilon Xi)

"Seeing how proud Immediate-past Grand Regent was of all our accomplishments with ROR." (Megan LaCrone, Epsilon Pi)

"Meeting up with Brothers that I hadn’t seen since the last GCC and being able to catch up like absolutely no time had passed and feeling that sense of belonging" (Lindsey Caitlin, Epsilon Pi)

"All the fun experiences and bonds I made hanging out at the social events and exploring Washington DC with so many new Brothers that I’d never met before from all different chapters and provinces" (Amy Hammond, Epsilon Pi)

"Getting to see my Brothers from different chapters again!" (Ted Firica, Epsilon Pi)

Tayler Daniels, Amy Hammond, and Lindsey Caitlin (Epsilon Pi) out on the town!

Pictured: Epsilon Pi and Idaho Grad at the 140th Alpha Chapter Anniversary Banquet Sunday night, July 21st.

"Sweaty, Inspirational." (Kyle Murray, Utah Grad)

"Epic." (Stan Tan, Seattle Grad)

"My first time at GCC was spectacularly inspirational. Aside from the sweating part." (Kevin Tran, Zeta Omicron)

Zeta Omicron and Utah Grad at Chapter sales

"Loved rekindling old friendships and building new ones!" (Sahiba Bedi, Utah Grad)

"Seeing all the friends I’ve come to know from across the country again, making new friends and connections, and enjoying the host city of Washington DC. (Jennifer Miller, Palouse Grad)

Justin Vo (Beta Pi), Jennifer Miller (Palouse Grad), and Julie Akers (Palouse Grad)

"Impactful!" (Kelsey Johnson, Chi)

"I thought the Leadership Symposium was huge but GCC is a whole next step. What I really took away from GCC is not only bonding with my collegiate Brothers but really being able to interact with the grad Brothers and witnessing their interactions with each other. It just really showed me the meaning of “Brotherhood for life”. I would highly encourage all brothers to attend GCC at least once to experience the opportunity to strengthen your bonds with your province but also expand your connections all over the nation." (Isabelle Wong, Epsilon Xi)

NWP Secretary Isabelle Wong and NWP Webmaster Judy Huynh at the Lincoln Memorial

(Pictured: Immediate-past Satrap Justin Fernando facilitating the Rush and Pledge Workshop)

"Most definitely the Province Reports, being able to see Kappa Psi for all we are and all we have accomplished internationally was amazing, and it exemplifies Brotherhood, passion, and dedication from all our chapters and provinces. Low key enjoyed roll call every morning too as you'd never know what you might hear from our Brother's when they're called upon. Finally, reuniting with Brothers I knew, and meeting new Brothers. It was amazing how much we all connected in less than a week! The definition of Brotherhood has most definitely been strengthened by my experiences at GCC, and I can't wait to see everyone again!" (Sam Chu, Delta Mu)

Day 1, ready to go! Alex To (Epsilon Chi), Johnny Wong (Seattle Grad,), Justin Vo (Beta Pi), and Sam Chu (Delta Mu)

"As everyone gets older and busier, I'm thankful for GCC as it's the only chance I get to see some of them nowadays." (Johnny Wong, Seattle Graduate)

" GCC provides an opportunity to network with Brothers I don’t often see and reminds me of the personal value being a Brother means." (Julie Akers, Palouse Grad)

"Trying to figure out with my Brothers which Byrd, Lyft, or Jump scooter was the closest so we wouldn't have to walk in 100 degree weather." (Helen Tam, PacWest Province)

"Fan-freaking-tastic! My favorite memory is just being reunited with friends from all over the country, and making new friends! I love how easy it is to make friends and go right back to where we left off either 2 years ago at the last GCC or from more recent province meetings. You never have to worry about being lonely at GCC." (Lindsay Walzer, Portland Grad)

Utah Grad Brothers Kyle Murray, Leslie Cacioppo Murray, and Lindsay Walzer of Portland Grad at the Banquet

"Educational, inspiring, and exhausting! Reuniting with old friends from across the country and feeling like I personally, have an impact on the direction of the fraternity." (Leslie Cacioppo Murray, Utah Graduate)

Pictured: The Northwest Province at the 140th Alpha Chapter Anniversary Banquet on Sunday night.

mark your calendars!

The 60th Grand Council Convention is going to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, July 18-23, 2021!

Wait, I am having gcc withdrawals!

GCC may be over, but the Brotherhood is still here! Come see us again at the Northwest Province Winter Province Assembly in Boise, Idaho, February 14-16, 2020!

Respectfully Submitted. PTBYB :)

-Kuang-yie Vo, Epsilon Chi, Northwest Province Historian 2019-2020


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