Weekly Highlight 11/122 – 11/23 By:Grace Elder

Throughout the week of Nov. 22 - Nov. 23, The Journal's Photos Section captured the first pep rally in two years, here is a sneak peak.

Sophomore Lexi Nix shows school spirit as the pep rally begins to boost morale for the senior vs. staff game.
(top) The symbol section works together to play during the national anthem. (bottom) Director Jeff Maupin conducts the pep band while people stand for the national anthem.
Dance coach Jessi Walpole goes through the plan for the teams performance before the pep rally beings.
Senior drum major, Lillianna Prawat, conducts while junior Katie Osborne plays clarinet.
Announcer Mike Klopfenstein puts the microphone to the senior section while they show school spirit.
Senior Laila Wheeler cheers for the senior section.
The teachers score a basket during the last part of the game.