Cities and Trade Chapter 9 Sect. 3


1. Towns such as San Anotonio, Goliad, and Nacogadoches were each home to more than 1, 000 people, mostly Tejanos.

2. The oldest civil settlement in Texas, San Antonio was also the largest at the beginning of the Mexican period.

3. The constitution of Coahuila y Texas laid out the powers and responsibilies of these councils.

4. Though it was the largest town in Texas, San Antonio remained very much a fronteir settlement.

5. San Antonio and Nacogdoches were both established towns by the time Mexico became independent.

This is a picture of San Antonio.

6. Unlike small settlements, Texas towns were home to crafters and merchants.

7. William Goyens of Nacodoches became wealthy by running a blacksmithing shop and other businesses.

8. Barter means trade

9. A few Texasns, for example, ran sawmills, which cut wood into usable pieces.

10. In cities, people took part in business and trade.

This picture shows where Nacogdoches is located.


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