Personal Legends can make you a Legend. Hailey Zeger


Characters such as Alexander Hamilton from Lin Manuel Miranda's historical play Hamilton, Merida from the Disney film Brave, and Tiana from Disney's film The Princess and the Frog, all strive to achieve their personal legends in life by overcoming difficult situations, seeking advice from those who are wiser than them, and going against their parents' wishes.

In August 2015 Lin Manuel Miranda's Musical opened on Broadway.

Open Source: Through the soundtrack from Lin Manuel Miranda's musical Hamilton, you hear the story of the founder of the National Bank, Alexander Hamilton. While growing up, Hamilton faced many tragic events, his father leaving him and his mother, his mother's death, and the suicide of his cousin. Alexander worked hard to make it in his home, leading him to the colonies where he becomes the first secretary of state, who fought in the the revalutionary war.

Citation: Santiago starts as a shepherd, "He had noticed that, as soon as he awoke so did most of his animals..." (Coelho 4). On his journey he meets and old man who tells him of personal legends, ""It's a book that says the same thing almost all the other books in the world say," continued the old man. "It describes people's inability to choose their own Personal Legends."" (Coelho 19).

Commentary: Both Santiago and Alexander Hamilton, travel great distance and receive great help in order to achieve their personal legends.

Open Source 2: The 2012 Disney film tells of how young Merida does not do what her mother wishes when faced with having to choose a suitor for her to marry. Merida does not want to get married yet, let alone to a son of one of the clan leaders.

Citation 2: Santiago does not want to be a Priest like his parents wish, he dreams of traveling the world. On page 9 of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist it states, ""Amongst us, the only people who travel are the Shepherds." "Well, then I'll a shepherd.""(Coelho 9) This piece of dialog was between Santiago and his father.

Commentary 2: While their parents reactions differ, both characters face the challenge of knowing what they want to will not be in their parents wishes.

Open Source 3: Tiana is an inspiring chef from New Orleans, who kisses a frog in hopes he'll turn to a prince. Only he doesn't become human again, she becomes a frog. While on their crazy adventure, they seek out Mama Odie, a blind women who can see well enough to help them, she tells them of what they need to do in order for them to turn back to human, dig a little deeper.

Citation 3: Santiago seeks out a dream interpreter in order to tell him why his is having a reoccurring dream. After he tells her about his dream she says, " must go to the pyramids in Egypt... There you will find a treasure that will make you a rich man."

Commentary 3: Santiago and Tiana both have to seek advice from an older wiser women how deals with the supernatural. Them meeting these women allow them to continue their journeys.

"... a mysterious force force begins to convince them that it will be impossible for them to realize their Personal Legend." Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. Character's like Santiago, Tiana, Merida, and Alexander Hamilton all faced many challenges when it came to realizing their Personal Legends, but with a little help from their friends (on the other side) they were able to achieve them.

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