DTC #34: At the Brewery Nothing like a day spent sipping craft beers, wandering empty side streets and laughing with your friends.





Grab a hearty late lunch and a beer at this artist hideaway.

Indulge on a flight of tasty beer in an unknown neighborhood.

Lounge beneath the city while sampling a "popular" LA draught.

Said to be the largest artist complex in the World it was first an Edison electric plant dating back to 1903, and later a Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery.
Stop 1

late lunch amongst the artists

• around 3pm •

The true stature of the towering smoke stack you’ve been driving past for years rises above as you quietly walk beneath it. Concrete laden buildings, iron sculptures and the odd artist focusing on minute details catches your attention as you attempt to find your way to Barbara’s at the Brewery. Once inside you’re transported to a different city with different attitudes and feels, all good, all LA, just something less felt on your average day. You make your way to the bar and place your order along with a local beer to start your day’s work. When the food arrives you understand it’s much more than average as you soak in the industrial landscape on one of the porches. Once you’ve set your base bid farewell to this interesting corner of LA. It’s time to go beer sampling.

Alternative or Bonus Stop: If tacos and a micheladas sound like a better way to start the date head to La Chuperia.

Stop 2

beer flights with friends

• after lunch •

The road goes silent as you turn onto Ave. 17, a side street that’s seen better days but has a feel like more amazing things are yet to come. Wiretap Brewing is among the first wave of modern gems to hit this stretch of forgotten concrete. Passing through the glass doors you’re greeted by a group of the friendliest and most energetic brewery staff in the city. The selection process is a tricky one so you opt for the sampler. With a multicolored smorgasbord of hops and barley in hand take a seat beside a luchador mural and massive papier-mâché eye balls. The classic tunes set the vibe for a sampling of beer and laughter with friends old and new. When you’ve voted for your favorite 4 oz. pour grab a pint of it or head out for the next stop on the list.

Stop 3


• when you're ready for your next round •

The journey to your final destination takes you through graffitied warehouses and art galleries, opening your eyes to one of the last strongholds of urban decay left in downtown LA. Just as your comfortable with walking down the middle of the street the crowded balcony of Highland Park Brewing Company comes in to view, a simple space filled with intricate people queued up for their afternoon fix. Find a spot on the front patio as your accomplice runs in to order a round. Homemade vermouth? New Zealand Cascade? Grab your poison and indulge the flavors as you reminisce about the times you went to FYF across the street. Oh how the neighborhood has changed. A thought that meanders through your mind much like your afternoon of slowly getting a buzz and laughing with friends.


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