The One and Only Hidatsa Tribe By: Aliza

Where are the Hidatsa's found?

The Hidatsa tribe was found in North and South Dakota. Most of them still live there today.

What type of homes did they have?

They lived in lodges, tipis, and now a days regular houses.

What did they use to get around?

They used bull boats/rafts

This is a bull boat, a bull boat is made up of wood and bull hide.

And dragsleds dragged by dogs.

What did they eat?

They ate corn, beans, squash, sunflower seeds, deer, and buffalo.



Sunflower seeds



Did you know that Hidatsa is pronounced hee-dot-sah.

What cloths did they wear?

This is a buckskin shirt that men wore.
This is a shiRt for women It is made of beads and DEERSKIN.

Men wore leather leggings and breech cloth. Woman wore long deerskin dresses. Warriors wore buckskin shirts with fringe covered in beadwork, porcupine quills, and feathers. Last, everyone wore moccasins, and in cold weather wore long buffalo robes.

For arts and crafts they made quil embroidery

Bead work

And painted robes.

What type of technology did they have?

For technology they had bow and arrows, clubs, and spears. Here are some pictures of them...

Bow and arrow
Spears the spears have arrow heads on the top.

Did you know that The Mandan and Arikara are the Hidatsa's allies?

You may or may not be asking yourself "what language did they speak?" Well here is the answer they spoke there native language that know other tribe could understand. Like for example dosha (doh-shah) means hello in Hidatsa.

There religion was interesting because they believed in the great spirit Manitou.

They had quite a few traditions here are two of them... They would celebrate Pehriska-Rupha meaning "two ravens" "the great warrior". Two Indians dressed up in Raven suites to Pehriska-Rupha.

What are the roles of the hidatsa family?

In the Hidatsa tribe the men hunted and went to wars to protect their families. The men were also the only ones who could become chiefs. The women on the other hand farmed, cooked, and mostly took care of the kids. By now you might be wondering what the kids do and here is your answer the kids mostly hunt and fish with their fathers.

The resources I used are... and Big Orrin


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