Adobe 1-Minute Video Challenge

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For AISNSW Schools

Tue 3rd September - 8.30AM to 3PM

Hosted at St Andrews Cathedral School, Sydney Square, Sydney

474 Kent St, Sydney


The Adobe 1-Minute Video Challenge is all about working in a group of Year 5 to 10 students and teachers to create a 1 minute video in a day with the use of Adobe software such as Spark Video, Premiere Rush, Premiere Pro and After Effects.


The theme of each event will be announced at the start of the day.

What to bring

Each production group is encouraged to bring their own recording equipment as well as iPad or laptop with the appropriate Adobe software installed. A check list of what to bring could look like this ...

  • camera/s (phone cameras are great)
  • tripod/s
  • microphone/s
  • spare batteries
  • ipad (with Adobe Spark Video & or Premiere Rush installed)
  • laptop (with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Premiere Rush, Photoshop or Premiere Elements installed)
  • power supply
  • headphones
  • mouse
  • production propts
  • green screen (optional)
  • gimbal (optional)
  • a range of royalty free or original music soundtracks (no commercial music will be allowed)


  • Students need to work with a group (teachers can be included);
  • The completed video needs to be G rated;
  • All images & audio need to be either original or royalty free and appropriately credited;
  • All students who could be identified in the video need to have an Adobe Release form (to be provided) signed by a parent or guardian;
  • All finished videos need to be exported as a video file (eg MP4, MOV) with a minimum resolution of 720 pixels (standard HD).
  • Each video needs to have an opening title and closing credits (please only include first names in the credits)

Advice for filmmakers

  • Give your story a structure (beginning, middle & end) so that you are telling a convincing, interesting (or entertaining) story.
  • Plan your story as much as you can before filming. Type out a script (if required) and draw a storyboard representing the structure of the story and how it will be captured.
  • 1 min seems short but you can pack a lot of content in that time.
  • Follow the 7 second rule (no visual edit should go longer than 7 seconds - preferably shorter).
  • A possible structure could look like this - Intro title 2.5 sec, opening piece to camera (15 sec), interview A (15 sec), interview B (15 sec), closing piece to camera (10 sec), closing credits (2.5 sec)
  • Type out important elements of dialogue (if required) and have the talent read from a tele-prompt app or laptop screen
  • Use an external microphone (or seperate audio recording device) for any important dialogue. Audio is worth 60% of your video.
  • Use more than one camera when filming so you have different angles & frames to edit.
  • Use the rule of thirds so that the most important part of your frame is slightly to the left or right of your frame.
  • Avoid headroom, keep the top of the head at the top of the frame and fill the frame with relevant content.
  • Use a tripod or gimbal wherever possible.
  • Avoid zooming and panning, let the edits tell the story.
  • Make sure all interviewees and other talent is labeled with lower third text (use first or fake names only) including in the credits.
  • Allow time to export. Don't leave the exporting to the last minute. A possible structure of the day could be 9AM - Planning, 10AM to 11.30AM - Filming, 11.30 - import footage, 12.00 to 2PM - editing, 2PM to 2.30PM - Export, 2.30 PM to 3PM - Showcase.

Check out this video made at a previous Adobe 1min Video Challenge ...

Advice for teachers

  • Only students from Years 4 to 9 can be involved in this program.
  • Make sure you arrive early so that you can be part of the introduction and start on time.
  • Feel free to join your students, help them where you can and learn from them.
  • Encourage each of your students to bring their own morning tea and lunch. The students are likely to want to work and eat to make the most of the time they have available to complete their project.
  • Establish the groups before you arrive. If you are from a co-educational school, mixed groups are encouraged. Mix year levels is also encouraged.
  • Be prepared to be interviewed on the day for a video being made about the event.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Dr Tim Kitchen (kitchen@adobe.com).

Tips & tricks on the day ...

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