The Mongols


The Mongol Empire was divided up into four regions: Ilkhanate (Persia), Chagatai Khanate, Khanate of the Golden Horde, and Khanate of the Great Khan (Sanders 1). By separating the civilization into isolated groups it creates more of a barrier. It also calls for more peace throughout the regions because there are not as many people living in one region. When there is a vast amount of peace there is less violence and corruption. The main point that shows how the Mongols improved is their empire. Their empire started out small and then expanded and grew into the biggest empire in world history. While being the worlds biggest empire, responsibility was important. The Mongols made sure their civilization was taken care of and the best civilization yet.

Primary Source: "At the time the master started for the west, the friends wished to know when he would return, to which he replied: In three years--in three years;" and indeed his prophecy was realized, for it was on the 7th of the first month (January 28), 1224, he arrived at the monastery of Ch'ang tien kuan."

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This is a picture of the 4 regions broken up.



The Mongol Empire supported all different religions. For example, they accepted Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. However, the one religion that did not have Mongol support was Daoism. By accepting all different forms of religion, the Mongols are seen as a very well rounded civilization because it accepted most of it's peoples beliefs.

This is an example of the religion Islam being practiced by the Mongols.



The Mongols used many examples of artwork to entertain and make the colony a better place. Some examples of artwork are music and new inventions of instruments, historical paintings, carvings, handmade felt, sculpting and many more pieces of artwork. Sculpting and hand making the felt also provided extra resources to improve the civilization. All of these examples show how the Mongols are a civilized colony because it creates peace and prosperity all around.

This is a painting created by the Mongols which symbolizes war.



Through the political aspect the Mongol's started to expand it's colony as they invaded. The Mongols invaded many countries which gave them more access to land as time went on. They were not afraid to go and invade, if it would benefit the people and the civilization. With more land they had more access to create a better civilization for it's people. More land also called for more resources and access to water when they occupied land by the water. This led to a greater access of good which led to future advancements. An increase of trade and resource supply was seen after the invasion which was a big advantage.

Genghis Khan



The Mongols had a very reliable source of currency. Their trade was also very successful which caused this civilization to be very organized. The Mongols traded with as many groups of people as possible and that gave them more money and more resources to better their land. Additionally, he Mongols had a big supply of resources that benefited them in the long run. Event though they had a great amount of resources, the major benefit was the variety of goods and resources. The more trade, the more resources and the Mongols were very successful in trade, therefore they had many useful resources.

This is an example of the coin "The Great Khan"



Their social structure was made up of a four class system: Mongolians on the top, then the Semu, Han, and lastly Southerners. Since their were many different social classes they divided the work up. The higher social classes did not have to do a lot of work but the lower classes did. Even though it could be seen as wrong for the lower class people to do all the work, it got the work done and created a successful empire. Women also had much more freedom in the Mongol Society. They were taught how to fight in battle and had the most freedom out of all the other societies. Believe it or not, the Mongols gave women the same amount of freedom that men had and this was a big advancement for the time period. The Mongols believed that boy or girl you had the same abilities so many people considered them civilized.

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This is an example of The Mongol social structure.


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