Fiifi Weds Sika #beautifulpeople

The venue was lit! The World Trade Centre was graced by the lovely couple though events (Cybog) before the ceremony made us late. Nonetheless, we were there to witness EgyaFiifi 💋 SisterSika




Happy days yet...✌🏾️. "A Touch Of Gold". AEON wכ krom!

Photo, Mr EKLetcha, was taking photos for iTseBlog®.

He ushered her back into the auditorium after signing the register. He has officially legalized his fornication lol. She enjoyed the moment. 💍

My jaw dropped when iFirst entered the venue. Decor was on point; as though President Mahama's daughter was being "dispatched". The 💋 was passionate. They meant it. Sure it had been lingering on EgyaFiifi's mind for months



Where is rock? #HappyPeople


=============================> 💍

After The Photoshoot is the reception ATTC,Kokomlemle

First time iMet Sika was at the Caico Hospital. Sister found a way to leave office from morning to evening. iWas stunned! She made sure her babe wasn't alone. She was pretty; prettier today. 😌. Bible reading go cry!!

iWas "shadowing" at the Community 2 Branch. We had a little issue to solve before we went home. Eben, the Branch Manager, showed up wif one funny character. They had coke® and alcohol. Dude looked so happy and cheerful. We exchanged pleasantries. He drank our hearts out that evening. iSaw him the next Monday in my office. He told me he was going to be my colleague. Then iKnew iWas going to like him. We became brothers; from different mothers. This radio presenter turn banker is one of a kind. The rest they say is history!


Question: How did you guys meet?

Fiifi:... iUsed to work at the Ridge Branch and Eben was my manager. Since the place wasn't busy, iWent out to get kenkey... iWas eating the kenkey(iUsually eat 3 balls so as iWas on my second ball), iSaw her...the kenkey girl 😂😂😂😂😂🙆🏽

"A man who calls his kinsmen to a feast does not do so to redeem them from starving.

They all have food in their own houses.

When we gather together in the moonlight village ground, it is not because of the moon. Every man can see it in his own compound. We come together because it is good for kinsmen to do so.

...some seff go #AccraMall 😜

Let us find time to come together physically and enjoy the power of togetherness.

Let's smile not because we don't have problems but because we are stronger than the problems."

Each battle has its own unique story...if you are reading this and smiling buh you time no catch yet, make una no worry sha, Oga at the top knows His time, he makes things beautiful.

Wishing #FIIFI&SIKA the very best of marriage life!



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Ericc Tsekxën


Photo Credit: TBuahin, MBoadi, Adoma, CAnkah

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