A Delicious and Ambitious Shot List At Beaver Creek a PHOTOGRAPHY blog by sean f boggs

Hey Homies

Sometimes I Feel like I'm a mover. I move cameras, lights, people, furniture, food, drinks, hair, generators, props, crews, emotions, and motivations, then I move em all back. At least that's what I did at The Beaver Creek Culinary Weekend.

At the Beaver creek Culinary Weekend shoot we had 9 people in 25 setups at 7 locations in two days during an ongoing event with 100s of people around. We needed PR and advertising work from released models working in a crowd and you can't show other people's faces, logos, or properties without permission in writing. "Please don't impede on the real event goers" and... Of course, it has to be sublime and visually stunning, good luck right? Here's how we did it.

Snow Globe Lifestyle. 1/250th of a second at F3.5, ISO 640.

We rolled with a couple Nikon D800s , a single light man stand, (a dude with the light in his hands) and a medium strip soft box on foot, in cars and on skis.

Stella Artois was a sponsor, so that worked out pretty good ; ) 1/250th of a second at F3.5, ISO 640.

Here's a list of our basic gear, (a pretty light load for this one. ; ) .

-1 Einstien with a vagabond mini and 3 batteries

-1 medium paul buff strip soft box

-2 D800s

-105 2.8

-85 1.8

-14-24 2.8

- 24-70 2.8

- 80-200 2.8

-coffee and some duck tape

Scallop appetizer from chef Tobie Puttock at Zach's Cabin. 1/125th of a second at F 3.2, ISO 800.

We stayed very dynamic and used a lot of natural movement with the models. We mixed ambient and strobe to add highlights to the existing mid and dark tones. Most of the time we feathered the soft boxes up and back away from the subjects making sure that our strobe never hits the ground or too much of the background. We wanted to grab the very edge of the light coming from the strobe so that you could see the edge of the shadow really well. ( Remember, the strobe is just for highlights in this setting.) We used a ton of short depth of field and that kept our light at or near its lowest setting most of the time. Then we made these images. Hope you dig them and thanks for reading! email questions if you want. Sean : ) sean@seanfboggs.com

Presentation on the line. 1/100th of a second at F4, ISO 800.
Chef Tobie Puttock with his signature dish. 1/250th of a second at F3, ISO 800


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