Finland and Brazil By Mason Hardy

The population of Finland is 5,541,274.

The weather in Finlands capital city right now in is -1 degrees

The most significant landform in Finland is Haltiatunturi and its a massive mountain

The languages that are spoken in Finland are Finnish and Swedish

The main religions in Finland is going to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

Some of the foods in Finland are Herneketto, Villi and Perunamuusi. The clothing in Finland for men is a shirt, waistcoat, coat, scarf, headdress and knee-length trousers and for women they wear a skirt, blouse, vest, apron, scarf and headdress. The sports in Finland are pesapollo, ice hockey and formula one. The celebrations in Finland are Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and all saints day.

The climate in Finland changed in 1966-1970 and the high winter temperatures had changed in 1971-1975 which shows that the climate has changed

The population of Brazil is 210,754

The weather in Brazil is 25 degrees right now

The most significant landform in Brazil is the Amazon river basin

The languages spoken in Brazil are Portuguese

The main religions in Brazil are Christianity and Romen Catholic

Some foods in Brazil are sausages, cuts of pork and feijoada. Girls in Brazil wear folk dress, and for boys they wear ponchos, baggy pants, sturdy hats and cowherds. Some sports in Brazil are footvolly, beach volleyball, beach handball, matkot and futsal. Brazil celebrate the Brazilian carnival

In 1950 Brazil became Greener, wealthier and happier than before

People in Finland don't hug their friends in public than in Brazil they do hug their friends in public if they want to. Finland people and Brazil people both are called by their country names like Finland people are called Finns and Brazil people are called Brazilians. Finland and Brazil both have massive landforms and they are called haltiatntrui And the amazon river basion


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